Just like the first day of school…

The planning, the anxiety, the excitement and the hours and hours of prepping. Beginning this blog has been much like preparing for the first day of school. We have talked about doing this for so long, it almost doesn’t seem real. Like the anticipation of meeting a new class of students, we wonder who will show up.  Will they enjoy what we’ve planned? Have we planned enough? Will they learn what we’ve decided to focus on? What questions will they have? Will we be able to find answers together?

Schoolhouse Thought is our attempt, as educators married to other educators, to bring the conversations we have at the dinner table, in the car, side by side on the treadmill at the gym, getting ready for school, driving home at the end of the day, to an audience that might be willing to join in the fun. Sometimes we talk about what worked in our practice. Sometimes we sound off about education policy. Sometimes we share resources that we have come across. Sometimes we make each other laugh at the things that go on during the day. We give each other advice. We listen carefully to what the other is going through: the good, the bad and the WTH! Often times, all we need is for someone to listen. This blog will be much like those conversations.

Like most teachers, we’ve planned and planned. This launch is just like the first day of school for us. We are standing at the door of our virtual classroom, smiling, greeting, and walking in to meet whatever this year, this endeavor rather,  awaits inside the four virtual walls of this virtual schoolhouse. Come on in, find your seat, and prepare to share your thoughts. We are definitely going to be sharing ours.

Thank you for being a part of our virtual “classroom” community.

Larry and Cindy Lopez Elwell

First blog post

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